Legal Administration Services for:

- Court Proceedings, Examination for Discoveries, US Depositions 

- Computerized Note-Taking, Minute Taking, Real-Time Captioning

- Legal or Medical Transcription

- Dicta typing, copy typing, Wills drafted (typing only), Lists for lawyer, drafts for lawyer. 

We serve clients in: 

- Colleges, Universities, Condominium Corporations, Boards and Tribunals

- Individuals, Physicians who require Journal articles drafted.

Onsite or Remote through Zoom. 

Professional Documents



Known for our expertise: Articulate, Error-Free, On-Time, Thorough, Meticulous Attention to Detail, Precise, Courteous and Friendly.


Everything is confidential. 

We're approachable so email or or, call the office in Toronto, Ontario at 416-226-0460.


Tell us that you would like to be connected directly with our Legal Team Administrator for one of the above-named services. 

For medical transcription ask for Karen. 

Hours: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday.  Email on weekends.

Our staff members will ask you to send your digital file online or a CD, etc. 

Tell us your requirements in detail please by email:

In the Subject Line: Legal Administration Services or Medical Administration Services.